Niche Authority Hacker - Discover Your Niche And Brand Your Authority

How To Brand Yourself As The Authority In Your Niche (Even If You're A Total Newbie!)

Learn how to position yourself as the authority in your niche and develop your brand in this action-packed, self-paced online course from HerPaperRoute.


  • How To Brand Your Business In A Professional Manner
  • How To Build Your Niche Authority Via Actionable Steps
  • How To Create Brand Consistency
  • The 5 Components Of A Memorable Brand
  • Creating A Clear Blueprint To Reach Your Business Goals
  • Costly Branding Mistakes To Avoid

Your Instructor

Chelsea @ HerPaperRoute
Chelsea @ HerPaperRoute

Hi, I’m Chelsea. I'm the founder of HerPaperRoute.com and BlogTips.com. I help aspiring and blossoming bloggers learn how to create and develop blogs into businesses.

I have been a professional Marketing Strategist, Designer and blogger for over 15 years. I’ve helped bloggers, small business owners and big companies develop their websites and grow their brand awareness. I know the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t – because I’ve road tested it all! I’m here to help you create & monetize your awesome blog and online business!